• Alahad Recruitment Group is one of the world's leading professional recruitment, human capital solutions providers. Alahad Group delivers innovative solutions that address both recruitment strategies and organizational effectiveness - people and performance. We work with our clients to attract, select, engage, develop and retain the best people.

    Overseas Employment Agency: Alahad Recruitment Group; manpower employment agency characteristically find employment or jobs for individuals who are seeking overseas employment. This overseas recruitment agency works on behalf of the prospective employers based in another country, to advertise, arrange interviews, facilitate selection and process documents of the selected candidates

    Licensed Overseas Employment Promoter: A Government Authorized Overseas Employment and Staffing Agency holding a license issued by the Ministry of Labor, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan. The employment agency is usually issued authorization by the Government of Pakistan to advertise, select candidates, process their visas and send them overseas on the basis of power of attorney issued by the overseas employer (Any client abroad).

    Manpower Recruitment Company/Firm: Alahad is a Manpower recruitment Agency / Firm that identifies and helps to procure employees for overseas employers. In distinction to a Standard Manpower Staffing Agency, Alahad Group is a Manpower Recruitment Agency only provides Recruitment Services / Solutions and is not Responsible for Managing the Employees.

    Recruitment Consultants: Alahad Group has an excellent combination of Recruitment consultants Generally work closely with a Staffing Agency or an Employment Agency to determine which candidates are best suited for any open positions with Clients.

    Trade/ Technical Test: Any job applicant for overseas employment through a staffing agency may have to go through a trade or technical test to prove his or her skills and knowledge. These tests are usually conducted under the close supervision of the Alahad Manpower Employment Services providers Trade / Technical Institute: A Technical Institute, recognized by the Government of Pakistan, which Administers the Required Trade Tests to Assess the knowledge and Technical Skills of the Candidate for Overseas Employment. The Manpower Recruitment Company Arranges the Tests in Coordination with Department of Overseas Employment Pakistan Government.

    Staffing Agency Advisory Board/ Legal Advisor: Alahad Group an Overseas Employment Agency Pakistan usually hires the services of a legal advisory panel for consultation regarding prevailing Immigration laws and employee's rights. An advisory board can be of any kind including one on specific field of employment such as engineering, medicine, etc and may counsel the Overseas Employment Agency Pakistan on matters regarding interview and selection.

    Administrative or Clerical Manpower Staffing Services: Administrative or Clerical Manpower Staffing Services includes interview and selection for the following positions, among others: secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, word-processing and data entry operators, cashiers, and phone operators & all office support staff.

    Highly Skilled Manpower: Highly skilled manpower includes positions like Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Technicians, IT Professionals, Software Programmers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Accounts Officers and the like. Our recruitment company is able to provide all kinds of highly skilled manpower.

    Skilled Manpower: Skilled manpower includes positions like Machine Operators, Foremen, Supervisors, Computer Operators, Technicians, Secretaries, Assistant Accountants, Electricians, Drivers, Plumbers, Electricians, Tailors, Barbers, Jewelers, Clerks, Salesmen, Storekeepers and the like. Alahad Group offers recruitment services for all types of skilled manpower.

    Semi Skilled Manpower: A semi-skilled manpower employment service includes selection of Laborers, Watchmen, Gatekeepers, Security Guards, Gardeners, Helpers, and Assistants etc.

    General Labor and Industrial Staffing: General Labor and Industrial Employment Services usually include selection of personnel for the following positions, among others: manual laborers, construction workers, Food Handlers, Cleaners, Assemblers, Drivers, Tradesmen, Machine Operators, and Maintenance workers.

    Health Care Employment Service: Health Care Staffing Services characteristically includes the following positions, among others: Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Medical technicians, Resident Medical Officers (Male & Females), Therapists, Home Health Aides, and custodial care workers. Alahad Group can provide skilled quality health care Employment Services all Grades all Categories Health Care Manpower.

    Information Technology Staffing Services: Information Technology Staffing Services characteristically includes the following positions, among others: Consultants, Analysts, Programmers, Designers, Installers, and other Occupations involving Computer Sciences (hardware or software) or Communications Technology (Internet, telephony, etc).

    Technical and Mechanical Recruitment Services: Technical and Mechanical Manpower Staffing characteristically includes the following positions, among others: Engineers (all disciplines), Scientists, Laboratory Technicians, Architects, Draftsmen, Technical writers and Illustrators, Automotive Mechanics and Machinists, etc. Alahad Recruitment Firm Pakistan can provide any kind of Technical and Mechanical Manpower Employment services.

    Placement: Alahad Group Applicants’ Placement comes about when a manpower agency brings together a job seeker and an employer for the purpose of establishing an ongoing employment relationship.

    Alahad Group is ranked as 4th largest Manpower Recruitment Company in Pakistan

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