Relocating to Belgium

More than just moving, and we know it

Relocating to Belgium

Congratulations, you have just been told that you are relocating to a new country -or continent- because of work, or because of your spouse's work. You feel excited, elated and yet a little apprehensive, if not just darn-right scared!

How you feel about this has a direct correlation to who you are and what previous life experiences you have had. It also has a great deal to do with your personality.

Your feelings about the move will also be influenced by people around you (your spouse, children, friends and parents), and your future location (is it close to, or far from the people you care about?). With so many variants, it is essential to get the right information and guidance before, during and after your move.

Needless to say, you will find that everyone will have an opinion about your move - positive or negative. And everyone will suddenly become an expert. Someone that has been to this country on holiday probably will try to advise you on relocation. Beware, no-one knows what you will think of this country or how you will feel while living there except you, once you have moved and tried it.

My name is Ilonka Slechte, I have been an expat all my life. I have lived in over 20 cities, more than 10 countries and 3 different continents in just over 40 years, and even I cannot tell you what will happen! What I can do is help you have realistic expectations, based on your background and your previous life experiences. I can also help you in a very practical way, advising you on which areas are nice to live in, help you find a home to rent and assist you with finding schools for your children. These are usually the main points that a relocation agent will help you with; and the more they have traveled themselves, the better they will empathize and coach you.

It is precisely due to my own life experiences that I chose to branch out from doing pure Real Estate to becoming a Relocation Agent and Expat Coach. After combining these two activities for a few years, I was given the opportunity in 2010 to merge Aurora Relocation with the already renowned agency EZ-Relocation, and have not looked back since. Based near Antwerp, we work for a number of large multinationals, as we can offer their expats the level of service that is so important on relocation.

We work with people from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common: they are all new to the country and in need of expert advice. Being a Relocation Expert (or guide on their journey) is incredibly rewarding as with all things in life - If you have the right guide any journey, however difficult, is made so much easier.

For more information about who we are and what services we offer, please visit our websites at:  and  or call us at +32 (0)3 385 46 72.

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  • doesnt matter, 27 March 2012 Reply

    beware of ms. slechte!

    i used ms. slechte's services and she is very overpriced for what she does. she is not familiar with real estate even though she somewho has a license. i dont know how she can possible be successful. she shows you terrible properties from her firends and claims thats all in your pricerange well GUESS WHAT thats not true there is better stuff out there but she is too lazy to dig deep. go with a big company with real connections. careful with ms. slechte. nice lady, terrible businesswoman.