How to get Internet access in Belgium


Internet is widespread in Belgium. More than 10 million are using the internet, which is 89% of the country's population. There are a lot of internet service providers that offer different packages and deals.


Internet providers in Belgium offer many different packages with various types of internet connection, including ADSL, Fibre and Cable connections. The main providers are Proximus, Scarlett, Orange and Telenet.

These providers all offer packages that include internet, landline, mobile phone and cable TV.

Internet at home

Usually you can get an internet package that has to be paid monthly. If you want to get a package you will need to have:

  • your ID or passport
  • proof of address in Belgium (bills, rental contract or bank statement)
  • a bank account or International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

After you have chosen which internet provider you want, you can either set up the internet yourself or you can ask an employer from the provider to set it up at your home for free.

If you are renting in Belgium, it’s good to check if the internet is already set up by the landlord. If this is the case, it’s most of the time included in your rent.

Internet on the go

Internet connection in Belgium is quite good and internet coverage such as 3G and 4G is widely available throughout the country. There are also many cafes and public areas that provide free Wi-Fi.

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