Wages for Practical Nurses in Belgium

  • Hello!...I've been trying to find out aproximately what the starting salaries for Practical Nurses are in Belgium. Any help would be greatly appreciated!. I'm planning on moving to Belgium from Canada when I graduate from nursing school, I am curious to see what I might expect for salary. THANKS!!!

    17 May 2008, 06:56 Jen
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  • salarie of a nurse in Belgium

    I'm a nurse in Belgium. Nice that jou want to work here. My salarie for one month is +/- 1400 euros when I work in the weekend and in diferent shifts.

    Sorry my English is not so good... BAYBAY have a nice time at Belgium

    Charlotte 06 Jun 2008, 04:07 - Report
  • salary of a nurse in Belgium

    Thank you for the reply...you english is fine!!. Is that a typical salary for a nurse?Do you work full time or part time?. Is there lots of jobs for nurses in Belgium?

    I've visited friends in Belgium and had a wonderful time. It's a really beautiful country and I'm very excited to move there.

    Jen 13 Jun 2008, 03:22 - Report
  • nursing jobs in belgium

    hello Jen, i am a LPN in USA, would like to move to Europe, especially Belgium and work as a practical nurse. Would you please tell me what steps did u take to obtain this position.
    Thank you
    my email: [email removed]

    727-768-2387 14 Jun 2008, 09:59 - Report
  • Hi Violetta!

    Hey!, nothing has happened yet...still studying and graduate next April!. Basically right now I'm trying to find out how to obtain the vias and work permit, trying to find out how my training meets national requirements in Belgium, and finding out how much LPNs make there, and the housing situation. Finding out about LPNs in Belgium is HARD!!! I've contacted a hospital a few weeks ago and still have not heard back as to wages, benefits, ect.
    The only info I have to pass on from what I've found (other than to the obvious visa stuff - best to contact the Belgium embassy in the US for the info you need to know!) is that it doesn't seem like you need to take a national exam or anything, but I could be very wrong!. I know you have to register with the nursing "association" in the region you are moving to. Other than that I really haven't had too much luck finding anything more than that!. Like I said, it's hard to find out too much about LPNs there, and it's made harder by the fact that Dutch and French are the main languages, although english is spoken - but a lot of the websites are in either dutch or french (and my french is really rusty!!). I hope to move to Brussels, and it seems like apartments are fairly easy to come by, as Brussels is the EU capital, and a such there is a large turnover in apartment vacancies with govenment/support staff comming and going. Sorry I can't be more helpful!


    Jen 16 Jun 2008, 04:16 - Report
  • Hi Jen

    Thank you for the info, i know it will be hard to find a job in any of the EU countries. I contacted nursing boards in England, they only accept RNs. Ireland, i am still waiting for the info. Thank you for your answer. If u will find anything, please, let me know. Thanks. Vi
    And good luck in your studies

    727-768-2387 23 Jun 2008, 03:35 - Report
  • United Colors of Nursing

    I know the University of Leuven is organising a program to integrate foreign nurses in the Belgian system: it is called United Colors of Nursing. We have a huge need for nurses in Belgium, so after the paper work is done, you'll find a job easily. But off course, you have to learn the language.
    I know some years ago a lot of Rumanian nurses came to Brussels with a special program to fill up the lack of nurses.
    It seems 1400 euros is the average salary of a hospital nurse in Belgium. You can earn more if you become a nurse who goes to the private houses of patients. They are independent nurses or can also be employed by a home nursing enterprise.
    Good luck!

    Marianne 15 Jul 2008, 03:23 - Report
  • Overkomen vanuit Suriname


    Ik ben Mali, Verpleegkundige in Suriname.Wil heel graag wonen en werken in Belgie.Heb Verpleegkunde op MBO niveau gedaan.Kan ik dan toch werk vinden, aangezien de meeste opleidingen in Belgie nu op Bachelor niveau zijn?Wat heb ik allemaal nodig en waar kan ik terecht voor sollicitatie?Wat is homologeren van je diploma en hoe kan ik dat doen vauit Suriname?

    Alsvast bedankt.
    E-mail adres: [email removed]

    Mali 16 Sep 2008, 01:58 - Report
  • rn's

    how about rn's? im an rn and presently working here in ny.im planning to move to belgium, if given a chance because my family is there.any help or information?

    ara 15 Oct 2008, 07:40 - Report
  • looking for a job!

    Im a registered nurse in USA and member of the NMC(NURSES N MIDWIFERY COUNCIL)in UK ,but Im based now here in Belgium cos my family lives here! Im just wondering if there's an angel here who could help me find job instead of going back to USA or UK. I have only the basic French but very good in English!Finding a job here would be great for me cos I dont have to leave my family here...I gave up my stable job in USA just to be with my family so pls. can you give me some infos. or help me find job!? thanks in advance n waiting for your quick response!

    Jasmin Loveranes 08 Nov 2008, 12:23 - Report
  • romanian nurse looking for work in belgium

    im romanian nurse 24 year old im interesting too much to work as a nurse in belgium but i dont know what i have to do , please i need someone to explain to me ..

    luminita 05 Jan 2009, 12:25 - Report
  • Asistenti medicali romani in Belgia

    pentru romani/romance ce doresc sa munceasca in Belgia ca asistenti medicali, sunati la 0723584922.

    Andreea Radut 13 Mar 2009, 09:36 - Report
  • vacancies for nurses and doctors and paramedical.


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    Thankachan K.P (MD)

    thankachan 17 Apr 2009, 11:47 - Report
  • nurse

    Dear sir,
    I am Bineesh Joseph i would like to work in Belgium.I have 4 years experience in cardiac OT .Now i am in Mauritius pls help me.....

    bineesh 25 May 2009, 05:43 - Report
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  • Hi....

    I'm Thai nurse who is interested in working as a registered nurse in Belgium.I've already got the fully accept for my nursing license from Belgium nursing council.But I couldn't speak Dutch.if I want to go to Belgium to study dutch and working some part-time job.Is it possible?

    Tidy 26 Jul 2009, 02:18 - Report
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