Cohabitation Visa

  • I applied for the cohabitation visa about 2 months ago, and I hopefully will receive it soon. My question is does anybody know if this allows you the right to work?

    28 May 2008, 10:42 Kenny
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  • Cohabitation Visa

    Hi Kenny,

    Yes, this is a visa of type D, and it will allow you to work with no restrictions

    Mia 04 Jul 2008, 02:45 - Report
  • cohabitation Visa

    if i have the cohabitaion visa, i know that i have a right to work, but if i m not good in Dutch. Can i get the job easyly ? i m from malaysia. I can speak Mandarin, Engish and other asian language. once thanks again

    shireen 06 Jul 2008, 10:23 - Report
  • cohabitation visa

    i applied for cohabitation visa and just the other day i got the approval. Now i was about to buy ticket.I am confused which ticket should i get? if is one way or the airport in immigration do they will ask for my return ticket? pls pls could someone help me regarding this matter, it will be a great help for me. Thanks in advace.

    islandgirl 01 Aug 2008, 09:51 - Report
  • hello

    i would like to secure for a partner cohabitation visa..i had a partner in belgium,single but im separated in the philippines but was not able to get an annulment yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,will i be qualified to live with my boyfriend in belgium with that situation?

    annieta 05 Aug 2008, 06:32 - Report
  • visa

    moi je habite ou maroc je vous un visa pour travie en broxeele

    soukayna 18 Aug 2008, 04:05 - Report
  • @annieta

    No you need to have your annulment as the requirment for cohabitation is two UNmarried people.

    Ike 18 Sep 2008, 10:44 - Report
  • Cohabitation visa

    Can anyone please tell me how long do I need to wait to get a cohabitation visa? I applied in June and I still have no answer. Shall I keep waiting or go to the town hall to ask for an update of my application?

    Lizeth 22 Sep 2008, 04:24 - Report
  • One-way or Round trip Ticket???

    We are on the same dilemma. I just got my fiancee visa approved and now im confused on what plane ticket to get, a one-way or round trip. The Embassy of Belgium in my country said that it is up to me if I will get a one-way or round trip ticket but I am not sure if a one-way ticket will create any problem at the immigration upon arrival. Please help. Your inputs are highly appreciated. Thanks

    clumsy 26 Oct 2008, 01:08 - Report
  • Cohabitation Visa

    I have a Belgian boyfriend for two years and we have plans to settle down in Belgium. Fiancee visa has a lot of paperworks to do compared to cohabitation visa application. I want to know the difference between the two, and is it possible for me to apply with that kind of visa. I am single. Thanks a lot.

    Rhea 10 Jan 2009, 03:03 - Report
  • Cohabition visa

    i'm from Africa,but i live in holland now and my residence permit will be expired on july while i shall again want to stay here. Now, i have a boyfriend and i would like to know if the cohabitation is a legal solution allowing me to stay here
    please,reply me
    Thanks a lot

    Ericka 19 Feb 2009, 01:19 - Report
  • Cohabitation Visa

    This is a message for Shireen, i wanted to know if you have manage to get work? I am in the exact situation as you are and have reached a blocking point and would like to know how it went for you.
    Hope you can get back to me.
    [email removed]

    Vanessa 01 Mar 2009, 11:51 - Report
  • hi

    wat is cohabitation visa??
    -pls gave me info from this...

    tnx so much

    nicole 08 Mar 2009, 07:24 - Report
  • cohabitation visa

    hi i am single and i have a boyfriend in belgium for 6 months we are planning to get married in belgium and i will be the one to go in belgium as soon as cohabitation visa is the solution? or fiancee visa? plz gave me exact info. from this., plz help me,.

    nicole 08 Mar 2009, 07:28 - Report
  • helo

    im very interested about cohabitation visa.
    plz gave me more info from this..wat are the requirments for to have this visa and wat website?

    plz plz help

    nicole 08 Mar 2009, 07:32 - Report
  • cohabition visa not for schengen

    My boyfriend from Nigeria, just applied for a cohabitation visa. No the site of the Belgium Embassy says that the visa is only valid for Belgium and not for schengen. Now there is no direct flying route from Nigeria to Belgium. Does my boyfriend need a transit visa ?
    thank you for your help
    [email removed]

    Iris 04 Apr 2009, 03:10 - Report
  • Fiancee Visa

    Hi! I am applying for a fiancee visa to Belgium. I s there such a requirement that we should be at least two years of relationship? Any ideas there? PLs help...Tnx!

    Jana 07 Apr 2009, 08:12 - Report
  • How Long for Cohabitation Visa

    Hello everyone,

    I am getting ready to go meet my partner in Belgium and from there we will register our partnership and apply for a cohabitation visa.
    Can someone tell me how long it usually takes to get the visa approved from someone from the US and a Belgian? If I have 3 months on a tourist visa, what are the chances that I will have to leave?

    And at what point can you work with the visa? I've had a few job interviews, but keep hearing the same thing -- you're qualified and we like you but you have to be a EU or EFTA member. It's difficult. Any advice recommended as I, like most of us probably, am not rich and must work.

    Dank je wel!

    Sara 26 May 2009, 06:12 - Report
  • gg


    gg 04 Jun 2009, 04:00 - Report
  • cohabition visa

    hi,everyone.ı have girlfriend from belgium.we are allready 3 years together and ı wanna apply to cohabition there anyone applyed to thats visa ? please answer me on time .thanks

    jetlee 04 Jun 2009, 04:05 - Report
  • Re: cohabitation visa

    Hi Jetlee

    If you are already leaving in Belgium, it can take between 3 to 9 months. Mine took 7.

    Lizeth 17 Jun 2009, 02:49 - Report
  • xxxxxxx

    hey thank you .do you have e-mail address? if you have it ı wanna talk to you about it .bye

    jetlee 18 Jun 2009, 02:38 - Report
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