Brazilian visa checklist

5 things to do before applying

Brazilian visa checklist

Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter Brazil. The country’s immigration system is fairly complicated, with many different types of visas and requirements. Here are five things that you need to do before applying for a Brazilian visa.

Check which visa is right for you

Brazil offers many types of visas, ten in total, and figuring out which visa you need can be quite confusing. Before applying check carefully which visa applies to you. If you request the wrong one, you will be denied entry into the country.

Some countries have agreements with Brazil which allow their citizens to enter without a visa, generally for up to 90 days and only for tourism and business reasons. Check this page  or ask your local consulate for information on whether you require a visa.

Prepare all the documents and itinerary

To complete an application for a Brazilian visa you will need a series of documents, including a valid passport or ID, and a completed application form specific for the type of visa you require. You will also need to provide a recent passport photo.

A complete itinerary of your trip to Brazil is also required. You will need to provide a copy of the round-trip ticket or a document from a travel agent with all the trip details.

Additional documents

Citizens of the following countries need to provide additional documents to apply for a visa: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, Central African Republic, North Korea, Nigeria and Senegal.

If you are applying with a passport from one of these countries, you will need to present three months of bank statements and a document certifying the accommodation arrangements for your time in Brazil.

Unique and specific requirements

The different types of visa offered by Brazil come with specific requirements. Other than the basic information and documents, every visa type requires different documents. The extra documents generally need to prove that the reason why you are going to Brazil is the one you have declared while applying for the visa. Check with your consulate which specific requirements you need. Alternatively, enlist the help of a professional service such as Travel Visa Pro , who will ensure your passport and visa forms are completed correctly and sent out on time.

Consider fees and processing times

Fees change depending on the country where you are applying from and the type of visa you need. Fees generally include a basic visa fee and a processing fee, both of which are non-refundable. You can find more information on the Brazilian Consulate page .

The time to process an application after it is completed and all documents have been provided is fairly short; generally five business days, not including mailing. However, the processing times can increase during high season and if an unusual number of applications are being presented at the same time.

Enjoy your move

Whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional, considering the above and knowing that your paperwork is taken care of helps limit the stress that comes with moving abroad. Make sure to begin well in advance of your move so you can get started on the other aspects of your move.

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