Fixed phone lines

Setting up a phone line in Brazil

Fixed phone lines

The main telecommunication operators in Brazil still dominate Brazil’s fixed line market but they are slowly losing it to smaller operators.

Currently, the dominant phone line providers in Brazil are Oi , Embratel  and Telefônica .

How to get fixed line network

To subscribe to a phone line provider call the customer’s service number of the company which covers your Brazilian state of residence. Consult this map  to find out which company is responsible for your area. There you will also find the so-called “Mirror Companies” (Espelho). These are rival companies which, alongside the main provider, operate in each region using the telephone network of the main provider.

When calling the operator you will have to provide the following information:

  • Identity and residence details
  • CPF-number (Individual taxpayer’s number)
  • Address details

After checking your credit, the telephone line should be set up within 2 weeks.

As each Brazilian state has its own taxation rates, the costs of one same provider can vary from state to state.

Collect calls and alternatives

Collect calls (a cobrar) abroad can be made from each fixed line phone by dialing the number of the Brazilian trunk exchange: 000 111.

To make international calls from Brazil you can also go to a special telephone office (Posto telefônico) which can be found in all Brazilian cities. For more information on international calls dial the number: 000 333.

Orelhôes, as public telephones are called by Brazilians, are widely available. They take prepaid cards which you can get at news stands, some shops, and post offices. Despite the different providers covering the different regions of Brazil, phone cards are valid in the whole country.

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