How to get internet access in Brazil


The number of internet users in Brazil is growing with enormous speed. Brazil is fifth in terms of the number of internet users by country. The proportion of internet users per population is, however, lower than some other Latin American countries such as Chile and Argentina.

The cheapest, and form of internet access is dial-up, which means that the user dials into a fixed phone line. There has been a major shift from dial up to broadband services (mainly ADSL), which is now almost standard in the cities and highly populated areas.

The main internet providers in Brazil are Oi , Terra , and UOL.  Abranet  is the assocation of internet service providers, who provide a list of associated companies. Be sure to check their website before committing to one provider or another.

You can subscribe to internet services via the internet or by calling a service customers number. To apply, both a CPF (Cadastro de pessoa f'ísica) and RNE ( Registro Nacional de Estrangeiro) number is required.

Apart from telephone companies or direct internet providers, you can choose to receive internet as part of a cable TV and broadband package. This option is cheaper than purchasing each service individually. One of the main cable TV providers offering this service is NET .

Internet cafés and alternatives

Internet cafés provide cheap access to the internet for occasional users. There are also free internet facilities, which are provided by the government and municipalities and can be found in urban areas. They are, however, meant to be provided for people who cannot afford internet access. Although it is a useful option when you first arrive in Brazil, you should find another, long-term solution.

Satellite internet is also becoming more popular, as companies aim to provide a more reliable service but for a reasonable price.

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