Job application

How to correctly apply for a job in Bulgaria

Job application

Your job application is of crucial importance in the process of getting a job. A professional application will eventually lead to a personal interview, which is the next step. It is possible to apply when in your home country or Bulgaria.

The typical methods of application include:

  • Written job application
  • CV - you can use the European CV format or write a traditional one. The latter should include name and contact details, education, training and work experiences, skills and competencies, and referees. Date of birth and marital status are optional.
  • Passport photo
  • Application letter - describe why are you interested in the specific position. In your application you should convey why you are the best suited candidate for this job. Be clear, focus, your application should not be longer than one A4 page.

If you were successful at the previous stage you are likely to be invited by the employer for an interview. You will be probably asked for more information and documents. Prepare in advance any qualification certificates, evidence of work experience and references. Make sure in what language the interview will be conducted. The interviews are usually quite formal. Dress smartly, arrive on time and shake hands, introducing yourself on arrival.

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