Job market

Job prospects for foreigners in Bulgaria

Job market

Once you have managed to get the required permits, the hardest part is over. The Bulgarian economy is definitely turning to growth and the country is considered as one of the most exciting investment locations in Europe.

With a population of 7.2 million (2015), the Bulgarian official unemployment rate in 2015 was 9.5 %, matching the collective European average . As a result it won’t be more difficult to find work here than in any other European country. Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007 and hence work permits are required only for non EU citizens.

Despite the monthly minimum wage of 194.29 EUR (2015) and some of the lowest earnings per hour recorded in Europe, Bulgaria is still the place to go for foreign workers. In fact, it is also one of the cheapest countries in the EU (49% below the average) and was ranked 38th among the world’s 100 best countries to live in, according to Newsweek’s research.

There are many different ways to find a job in Bulgaria. Just Landed has compiled a comprehensive list to help you. Look at the following sections in the Bulgaria guide!

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  • -, 28 February 2013 Reply


    there is a mistake. population is about 7.5 million

    • Just Landed 19 Mar 2013, 01:21


      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have corrected the mistake. You are right, the population from the 2011 census is around 7.4 million.

    • Just Landed 19 Mar 2013, 01:32

      Bulgarian population

      Thanks for bringing this to our attentions. We have changed this mistake. You are right, according to the 2011 census the population is around 7.4 million.
      Thanks for letting us know.