Chilean rental market for expats

Low rents and few restrictions

Chilean rental market for expats

Luckily for expats and business people, Chile’s property market has something for everyone’s tastes and is very accommodating to foreigners.

With virtually no restrictions on purchasing land or housing except for filing the proper documentation, Chile provides one of the most vibrant housing markets in Latin America. Recent studies by Mercer Consultancy and the Global Property Guide have also shown Chile to be one of the most affordable, with rents and prices amongst the lowest in the whole of Latin America.

Chile’s entry to the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as of 2010 (the first in South America) came on the back of rising economic and living standards as its mineral-based economy boomed. Whilst the recession of 2009 did affect the country, its government maintained a commitment to housing projects and a strengthening of the domestic market. 

As a result Chile’s offers a wide choice of rental accommodation, that can vary in aesthetics and quality quite dramatically. Whilst this may be daunting to newcomers, think of it as variety to suit any taste: from luxury family living in a residential neighbourhood, to a more bohemian life for youngsters and students in downtown districts. Also, with the attractively low cost of living generally, there are ample opportunities to make your new home truly your own. 

Finally, students are very much catered for in Chile’s housing market, all of the options for other residents apply to them as well, as well as some more unique ones. Some universities in Chile, for example, especially short-term programs, offer home-stay arrangements that place students in the home of a family or adult as part of a more general cultural experience that many say enhances their time in the country.

Whether you’re planning on renting or buying, we’ll provide you with all you need to get started in the hunt for that perfect place.

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