Starting out

Where to live in Chile

Starting out

So you want to move to Chile? Whether it’s the lure of a job, or the chance to retire in style, Chile offers a chance to enjoy life in one of South America’s most inviting countries.

A country of diverse appeal

If you’re still weighing up you options, the place where you’re going to live can be a huge part of your life in foreign country. Are you looking for cosmopolitan living, and all the luxuries of city life? Or a quieter atmosphere, where you can enjoy the landscape and the company of new friends?

The sheer range of landscapes on display in Chile is remarkable, as it stretches all the way from the fjords and wind swept Southern Ocean at its tip, to the dry heat and arid splendour of the Atacama in the North.

If you’ve ever dreamed of chasing summer or winter round the globe, Chile offers unmatched chances to savour both. From the beaches of Viña del Mar to the snow capped Andes resorts in close proximity to Santiago, there’s just as much for powder addicts as sun worshipers  With one of the best climates for guaranteed snow in the Southern Hemisphere, interest and development is still growing in these resorts and property investment here could be a real treat come June each year.


With most people’s attention being drawn to Santiago for obvious reasons, other cities and regions of the country can sometimes be overlooked. The capital’s position as the business and industrial hub of the country makes it a straightforward choice for most seeking work or the pleasures of a first-world city. However, away from the vibrant capital, the most attractive locations for foreigners are located around the centre of the country where the climate is not so extreme as either northern or southern Chile.


The coastal city of Valparaiso (or Valpo to the locals) is popular with expats and tourists alike for its cheaper property prices/rents and its rich mix of culture. Boasting an interesting history (it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003), great food and wine, and naturally beautiful surroundings, Valparaiso offers a different kind of life in Chile, for those who don’t find the pace of living in Santiago appealing.

Viña del Mar

For those seeking the beach-side life, Viña del Mar on Chile’s central coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Nicknamed ‘The Garden City’ it boasts long sandy beaches and cultural highlights including museums, a major civic theatre and a continentally renowned film festival.

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