Chinese property language

Useful phrases for property buyers

Chinese property language

Whether buying or renting a property in China it is a good idea to get a basic understanding of the spoken language. Knowing the some of the basics will help you understand the locals and will show a sign of respect to their culture. Below is a list of some very basic phrases that will help when looking for your property.

Zaoan: Good morning.

Wanshang hao: Good evening.

Ni hao ma: How are you?

Hen hao: Very good.

Bu hao: Not so good.

Woshi: Bedroom.

Yushi: Bathroom.

Duoshao: How many?

Cheku: Garage.

Caichan: Property.

Fangzi: House.

Fangzi hetong: House contract.

Fangjian: Apartment.

Gongyu chuzu: Apartment rental.

Buzhi: Furnished.

Duo shao qian: How much is it?

Hen gui: Very expensive.

Wo dai de qian bugou: I can’t afford it.

Wo bu yao: I don’t want it.

Wo xiang yao: I want it.

Wo yao mai zhege: Ok I will take it.

Hen piao liang: It is beautiful.

Xie xie: Thank you.

Zaijian: Goodbye

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