Renting in China

Finding a property and signing an agreement

Renting in China

Renting a property can be done quickly and efficiently if you follow the correct steps. It is a much easier task that requires a lot less paperwork when compared to buying a property.

Finding a rental property

The best way to find a rental is to contact an agency that specializes in renting. They will want to know the type of property you are looking for and any special needs you may require. They will then make appointments for you to see some of the properties they have for rent. It is a good idea to find out how much other properties are being rented for in that area from others sources so you know have a better understanding of what you should be paying.

Rental agreement and deposit

Once you find a property you like, a rental agreement must be set up. The agency will usually take care of all the paperwork. It is important though, as with any contract, to properly read the details in its entirety. They are required to give you an english version of the agreement so you know what you are signing. A deposit, which may be up to 3 months rent, is also required at the signing of your agreement.  Once the all the paperwork is completed and signed you are free to move in.

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