Utilities and insurance in Colombia

Paying bills and home insurance

Utilities and insurance in Colombia

Some rented accommodation may include utilities with the monthly rent but this is rare and an electronic bank transfer is usually required to pay bills.

Setting up utilities

Most landlords require you to pay these separately and they can be easily set up. Your landlord will usually give you guidance in regards to the setup, however if you don’t have a Colombian identification card (Cedula) yet you will need a friend or family member with one.

It is important to make sure the rental property has gas, electricity and telephone lines. Television and Internet is often seen as a premium, and some flats may not be equipped with a router nor furnished with a television.

It should be noted that for a long time Colombia did not have basic utilities. Water cleanliness and sanitation is not always deemed 100% safe, especially in rural zones.

Large cities are home to numerous public utility companies such as state-owned multi-utility company Emcali , which provides Internet, water and electricity.

Electricity is produced from renewable power, with an access rate of over 90% in major towns and cities. Colombia uses a 110 volts with 2 pin variety plugs found in the USA and Japan, adaptors are available in big cities. Please note that power cuts are a big problem in Colombia and many people suffer several temporary shortages per year.

Home insurance

General coverage for household insurance will include flooding, theft and earthquakes. The price will depend on the commercial value of the property. Many insurers all include services such as plumbing and locksmith for and all-inclusive charge. Minor damages (e.g. rusting or burst pipes) are not always insurable. Like with any contract, be wary of all the clauses involved so you are aware of exactly what your insurance covers.

Here we have listed the four main home insurance companies operating in Colombia (websites only available in Spanish):

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