Where to live in Colombia

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Where to live in Colombia

Moving to Colombia can be a daunting task, especially finding a place to live. Colombia is a country that provides everything in six distinct regions, ranging from rainforest valleys, modern buzzing cities and rustic colonial villages. We take a closer look at the three most popular cities.


With a population of 7 million, the capital city Bogotá is known as the most buzzing, energetic city in Colombia. The north of the city is the most upmarket region with affluent residential areas, but it should be noted there is a big rich and poor divide within the capital.

Neighbourhoods including Usaquén, Parque de la 93, La Macarena and La Candelaria are often frequented by apartment-hunting expats due to their great location and abundance of things to do. With a cultural assets and lively nightlife, given the multitude of art galleries, museums, cafes and nightclubs, especially in the Zona Rosa, this is the perfect place for cosmopolitan city lovers.


Designated Innovative City of the Year 2013 by The Wall Street Journal, Medellín is a sophisticated, modern city retaining its Spanish heritage charm. As the second largest city in Colombia it’s characterised by the friendliness of its people and breathtaking vistas, located in the serene Aburra Valley on the Central Andean mountain range.

Medellín’s 3 million-strong population is one of the fastest growing in Latin America. Affordable neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of the city include Belén, Laureles, Envigado and Populado, with schools, shopping centres, bars and restaurants.


Best known for its salsa music, Cali is a city noted for its substantial industrial and commercial centres. With a warm climate complemented by Pacific Ocean breezes, Cali is a bustling city boasting rich architecture and variety of museums and churches.

The rustic San Antonio neighbourhood has a Bohemian feel, with arty cafes, shops and cobbled streets. For a more serene area, search for properties near the picturesque Cali River district.

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