Temporary student visas

Studying in Colombia

Temporary student visas

This type of visa is granted to foreigners with the intention of studying or carrying out internships in educational institutes, in accordance with and recognized by the Colombian government.

How to apply and course regulations

Courses or internships should be for a minimum of ten hours per week and should be affiliated with an internship or a student exchange program that is an essential part of the foreigners academic requirements in their original country. Processing time for this visa can take up to 10 days and is valid for the duration of the course in Colombia.


  • Copy of the admission certificate issued by the educational institute or by the internship employer.
  • A letter from a representative of the foreigner, and documents demonstrating the economic situation of the holder or of the person guaranteeing the expenses of their stay in Colombia.
  • Correct application form filled out.
  • Payment of the visa fee (check with your nearest embassy)

Other temporary visas are available such as a temporary medical visa and a temporary religious visa.

In these cases, documents demonstrating the economic solvency of the applicant or that of the person who finances the stay are required.

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