Mobile phones

Cell phone services in the Czech Republic

Mobile phones

The Czech mobile network uses GSM 900/1800 standards and is widely available. There are three main providers: Telefónica O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile. They all offer different price plans, information about which can be found on their websites.

If you do not stay in the Czech Republic for long but still want a cell phone, a prepaid card is the right choice. They are offered by all providers and you can choose whether you only want the SIM card or a phone as well.

To get a prepaid card you usually have to pay around 200 to 500 CZK. A part of that money is your starting credit. If you want a phone as well you will have to pay about 1,200 CZK for a very basic one.

Prices per minute range from 3 to 7 CZK for calls within the Czech Republic, and SMS messages cost between 1 and 4 CZK. As a rule of thumb you can keep in mind that the more you use your prepaid account the cheaper your tariff will become.

Mobile contracts

You can also get a contract with one of the mobile providers, but they usually run for a minimum of 24 months. The tariffs are not much different from prepaid solutions, however you will get a much better cell phone. Very often special bundles are included, such as free minutes or SMS bundles. Be aware that offers are usually stated without VAT.

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