Phone lines

Fixed phone providers and fees

Phone lines

Since the privatisation of the Czech telecom market, active competition has led to a general decrease in prices. Though many Czechs prefer to have a cell phone rather than a fixed line, a fixed line can still be valuable as it is relatively cheap and is usually needed for high speed internet access.

Getting a fixed line contract in the Czech Republic is easy. The actual installation however may take up to several weeks depending on a couple of factors, such as your location, your provider and whether you apply for a new fixed line or just a change. There is basically not much you can do to speed up this process so you will have to be patient.

Most providers offer information about fixed lines on their websites. You will find different options and tariffs available and also application forms. In addition there are many local shops where your application can be filed.

The usual duration of a contract is twelve months. If you want to cancel it you will have to do so one month prior to its expiry; otherwise the contract is prolonged by another year. Special termination conditions are applicable so it is worth reading up on these.

Telephone fees and providers

The activation or connection fee is normally around 500 CZK. National calls will be charged between 1 and 6 CZK per minute. The tariffs for international calls vary greatly, depending on your provider and the country you want to call. They are however also not very expensive.

Many providers have special offers. This includes free minutes bundles or calls at reduced rates to preselected numbers. Many providers differentiate between more expensive peak hours, usually between 7am and 7pm on business days, and cheaper off-peak hours, from 7pm to 7am and on the weekends.

The main fixed line providers for the Czech Republic include

  • Telefónica O2 Czech Republic
  • Ceske Radiokomunikace
  • GTS Novera
  • CD-Telematika

Rental of equipment

Although the equipment needed for your fixed line is usually included in your connection fee, there is the possibility of renting additional end-user devices. Basic corded telephones are available as well as wireless ones and answering machines.

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