The Danish telecommunication market


In the past the Danish telecom market was dominated by the state monopoly Tele-Denmark Communications (TDC). However, deregulation has since led to much more competition in the market.

Although TDC remains the market leader in the Danish telecom market, rival companies such as Telia, Stofa and Tele 2 offer a decent level of competition. Telia and Telenor are in the process of merging and they will have a combined network in the future. This has made prices in Denmark quite reasonable by European standards.

Most companies usually offer customers a package deal, including telephone, broadband Internet access and the option of cable TV. These packages are an even more cost-effective option for customers, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

The highly competitive Danish market has led to the development of excellent service coverage throughout the country. Denmark’s rate of internet penetration is one of the highest in the world, with more and more people using a high-speed connection for internet access.

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