Making calls to and from Denmark


Danish telephone numbers are generally eight digits in length and do not have specific area codes. In order to call Denmark from abroad you need to dial Denmark’s country code +45.

Getting a phone line in Denmark

You should check the tariffs offered by each telephone provider to see which one offers you the best deal to suit your needs. If you frequently make calls to abroad, you should investigate what kind of packages are on offer regarding international calls. The high degree of competition in the market makes it worth doing a bit of research before committing.

Local phone directories

Each local area in Denmark has its own telephone directory which is distributed to each household. As well as telephone numbers for the local area, it will also provide you with contact details for your local emergency doctor, the police, local businesses and places of interest. It will also contain information relating to your local municipality and a map of the local area.

Public telephones in Denmark

Public telephone boxes are widely available and can be operated by coins or with a special pay card which you can get from any newsagent or post office.

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