Internet options

Getting online in Ecuador

Internet options

The Internet is widely available in Ecuador, and home connections are relatively easy to set up. There are quite a few service providers, all of whom who offer a bewildering array of plans and prices.

The main Internet service providers in Ecuador are TV Cable, CNT and PuntoNet while Claro and Movistar offer thumb drive or ‘dongle’ connections.

TV Cable  offer the best speeds for relatively low prices, though their customer service is reportedly very poor and cancelling your contract early can be a real hassle. CNT  don’t have the same range of options, but do offer a discount if you buy more than one package. They charge $50 for installation, but will usually waive this if you sign up for a phone package at the same time. PuntoNet  have good upload and download speeds, but charge $50 for installation.

Another option is to get a thumb drive. These are offered by Claro , Movistar  and CNT and are useful in terms of portability.  Most people keep these as a backup or for travel use only. You can pay as you go for the data you use over and above a certain amount.


Quito and Guayaquil offer the widest range of options for going online outside your home. Apart from the hundreds of Internet cafes, WiFi is available at large malls and airports as well as some restaurant chains and big hotels. Bear in mind that it’s not always free and/or fast.

Mobile Internet in Ecuador

Choosing a monthly mobile package from any of the main providers will probably get you get a certain amount of mobile data included. If your phone is 3G compatible, you may be able to access internet on your mobile using your SIM from home when you get to Ecuador, but beware the often extortionate data roaming charges. A pay-as-you-go SIM from any of the major networks should also enable you to get online, providing your phone has Internet capabilities.

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