Setting up a fixed-line phone

Worthwhile for long-term residents

Setting up a fixed-line phone

The main fixed-line providers in Ecuador are Claro and the state provider CNT. Both offer competitive deals, but installation can be a hassle as not all homes are equipped with a landline.

CNT  offers a flexible contract which means you don’t have to sign up for long periods of time while Claro  offer international plans where you can sign up for cheap calls to the US, Spain or Italy as well as a plan with low-cost calls to other Claro mobiles.

There are a whole raft of others offered by both companies, so make sure you do your research about what will suit you best before signing up. TV cable  also offer a fixed line deal with free installation.

Bear in mind that many homes won’t have a ready-installed landline. Only 15% of the country is connected via a fixed line, so speak to the companies above about installation. Details can be found on their websites.

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