The Finnish property market


Buying property in Finland is generally quite straightforward, which means you could be moved into your newly-purchased home within a matter of weeks of finding it.

One of the reasons that buying a house in Finland is so simple could be because there is little or no need to have a lawyer. Although lawyers are available to assist you through the house-buying process, your estate agent and bank will generally deal with all the legal procedures for you. In terms of contracts, your only involvement will often be just to sign!

What has also made buying Finnish property so easy is the deregulation of foreign ownership laws. In 2000 the Finnish government abolished the need for foreign citizens to apply for a permit to buy property in Finland. This now means that foreigners are equally as entitled to purchase property in Finland as their Finnish counterparts.

However it is not advisable to buy a property in Finland if you are a foreign citizen living in Finland on a temporary basis, as property taxes are relatively high and house prices have been somewhat unpredictable in recent years.

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