Where to look

Finding property in Finland

Where to look

The search for property in Finland is not as long or as complicated as it can be in other countries. With the exception of Helsinki, property prices in the rest of Finland have started to fall in recent years.

Estate agents are a useful way to get an insight into what is currently on the market. If you do not speak Finnish, you will find most estate agents will have at least a few members of staff who have a decent level of English. However, agents’ fees can be quite expensive, so it may be better to look in the private sector.

Many properties are sold before they have even been advertised. This occurs through word of mouth, so it is always worth asking any contacts you have about whether they know of any properties available.

Classified adverts placed in both local and national newspapers are another way to search for property. Most newspapers have a property supplement every Sunday for property hunters to look through.

Finland’s online property market has grown in recent years and websites are widely available in English. The basic structure of these websites is relatively straightforward and you can narrow your search by entering criteria to suit your preferences. It is worth trying as many websites as possible.

Some banks, insurance companies and foundations also have vast amounts of information on the available property. They can offer guidance not only on house hunting but also on financing options, types of ownership and rental opportunities. Some may even own properties that they let out, so it is worth asking.

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