A school with flexible schedules

Mouratoglou International School

A school with flexible schedules

Students with an out-of-school ambition usually have a hard time finding a balance between education and their own project. Mouratoglou International School (MIS) has more than 20 years of experience helping students to make the most of their potential with a unique educational approach.

The Backstory

The origin of the international school is built on the foundation of the Mouratoglou Academy , Europe’s most prestigious tennis academy. Located at the heart of the French Riviera, it’s impressive facilities feature 34 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, a multi-sports ground, 4 paddle tennis courts, a fitness room and a medical-sports centre.

Some of the most promising young tennis players train at the academy, paving the way into the pro circuit, and its founder, Patrick Mouratoglou, is the coach of tennis stars like Serena Williams and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Inspired by the sporting principles of hard work, rigour and determination, MIS brings these values to the school to teach its students to push their own limits and persevere to reach their goals.

The School

Mouratoglou International School  offers something unique: personalized support and a tailor-made school system with adjusted schedules built around the goals of each student. Their main objective is to enable the children to realise their projects - be it a professional, artistic or sporting project - while providing an exceptional education.

The school has a multicultural atmosphere with students of 45 different nationalities, and it places a strong emphasis on the learning of a second and third language. With small-sized classes (5-14 students per class), their highly qualified teachers are able to dedicate individual attention to each student. The school currently offers two programs:

French Program: Taught in French, it follows the French Ministry of Education curriculum and prepares students for the Grande Écoles and European universities.

International Program: A full English schooling programme that follows the American curriculum with NCAA-approved courses. It prepares students for American & international universities.

The Environment

In order to achieve their potential, each student should have a healthy body in a healthy mind. Accordingly, Mouratoglou’s students are proposed to follow an athletic development program conducted by experienced coaches and adapted to their needs.

The Mouratoglou campus is a cosmopolitan and safe environment, full of positive energy. The excellent facilities and the professionalism of the staff make it a unique place to study, as all the school's students live on the same campus as the Mouratoglou athletes.

The Future

For many students, the next step is to join the university of their choice, whether it is a Grande École, an American college or an international university. To this end, Mouratoglou International School provides its students with an individualised guidance service for the admission process and the entrance exams.

In the case of students who wish to obtain a scholarship in the United States, the school accompanies students throughout the entire process, from administrative and visa procedures to the production of videos and negotiation with the university.

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