Career development in Germany

Executive education for expats

Career development in Germany

Germany offers excellent opportunities for education and professional development. More and more expats are enrolling in Executive MBAs in Germany to advance their careers, but why are these programs so popular?

Executive MBA: the career booster

Executive MBAs and MBAs share a focus on management skills as well as core subjects such as finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. However, Executive MBAs usually cater to professionals with 5-10 years of experience, and most participants continue to work while in the program.

Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the career turn they bring-Executive MBAs are designed for ambitious professionals who are looking to push themselves. According to the Financial Times 2018 Executive Ranking , graduates from the world’s best Executive MBAs enjoy an average salary increase of over 70% as a direct consequence of the programs. For this reason, many expats use these as a stepping stone to achieve a promotion, change sectors, or gain access to leadership positions.

Why in Germany?

Joint programs

German business schools are making their mark by offering joint programs that bring together first-tier business schools from different regions of the world. Joint programs can, for example, connect the East to the West or the US to Europe. Getting an Executive MBA from two prestigious universities means that, whatever your next step is, you will have a title that is recognized internationally and the possibility to enjoy experiences in campuses around the world.

Top institutions at half the US price tag

The price of an Executive MBA can differ dramatically depending on the content, the reputation of the school and the region. Financing is available from many schools, but cost remains a key factor for most people when making a decision. While fees in the US range from $155,000-205,000, Europe is generally cheaper with programs available at €20,000-100,000. Some of Germany’s business schools have been awarded 5 palmes of excellence by Eduniversal , meaning that, while they are more affordable, their global influence is comparable to that of top institutions in the US.

Work-life-learn balance 

When choosing an Executive MBA, you should consider whether the program is compatible with your lifestyle and with the rest of your commitments. Blended programs can be a bit less demanding with attendance, while some Executive MBAs only hold classes in the evenings and on weekends. 

In Germany, there are unique programs such as the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA  that are taught every 4-6 weeks through extended weekends. This way, if you have flexibility from your employer, you will be able to balance in-class time with work-life balance.

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