Choosing a school in Germany

Why choose a Gymnasium?

Choosing a school in Germany

Expat parents are sometimes hesitant to send their child to a German school and often opt for an international institution. Before following suit, make sure you consider all your options; you may find that a Gymnasium is the best choice for your child.

A Gymnasium

In Germany, children commonly attend one of three types of secondary school; Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. The Gymnasium is the most demanding and academically challenging of the three. Here students are prepared for university, graduating with the principal qualification needed to enter a German university: the Abitur.

Attending a Gymnasium has many benefits and under certain circumstances can be the right choice for your child.

Integration and learning the language

Sending your child to a Gymnasium is a great way for them to be fully immersed in the country’s culture and learn to speak the language like a native. Some have special support for non-native pupils; for example, the Obermenzinger Gymnasium  in Munich offers additional German classes, bilingual (English/German) assistants and a programme to get kids through the Goethe-Institut certificates .

High class education

The standard of teaching in all Gymnasiums is generally considered to be very high. Each federal state is responsible for its own education system, meaning the exact curriculum taught in schools may vary from state to state.Yet, no matter what region you reside in, or whether your child attends a state or private Gymnasium, rest assured they will receive a top quality education. If your child has a good academic record, it is certainly a good choice for them

Higher education

It’s hard to know where your child will want to attend university and what subject they will want to read. Will it be engineering in Germany? Will it be humanities in your home country? Will it be a different subject elsewhere? With the Abitur earned in a Gymnasium, the choice is still available for your child.

Whilst being the main qualification required to enroll in university in Germany, the Abitur is also an internationally recognised qualification that will allow your child to study whatever subject they wish to. In combination with an English level assessment (for non-native speakers), it can grant your child access to most universities in the USA and the UK.

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