Do I need health insurance to enter Germany?

EU entry regulations

Do I need health insurance to enter Germany?

Depending on whether you are from an EU country or not, or are visiting or moving to Germany, you might be legally required to get health insurance for the duration of your stay. Find out exactly who needs health insurance to enter Germany and in what circumstances.

Who needs health insurance when going to Germany?

Visiting Germany

Citizens from the EU don’t need to take out a health insurance policy when visiting Germany for less than one year, but it is strongly advised that you have a  European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  in the event that you need emergency treatment.

Non-EU citizens visiting Germany are required to take out health insurance in order to be granted a visa. If your home country is a member of the visa-waiver countries , health insurance is not mandatory for short visits.

Moving to Germany

Anyone moving to Germany for longer than a year, regardless of whether they are from the EU or not, is legally obliged to take out a policy with a statutory insurance provider of your choice. Note that the provider must be German or a registered international health insurance provider.

What to know before you buy insurance

With the free choice of insurance provider given to all expats in Germany, you need to know what has to be in your policy before you buy. It’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • The insurance must be valid in all EU and Schengen countries
  • It must cover the duration of your entire stay, including transit
  • The minimum insurance cover is €30,000
  • If you don’t need a visa to enter the EU, you need to provide proof of insurance within 31 days of arrival. This doesn’t apply to diplomats.

National regulations throughout the EU vary. In Germany, your insurance must cover all hospital costs, including outpatient, inpatient and specialist care. The out of pocket cost for insurance cannot exceed €5,000.

Finding expat health insurance

Insured foreign nationals and their family members can benefit from being covered for Germany, visits to other Schengen countries and worldwide. They can even receive partial cover when visiting their home countries.

Anyone employed in Germany has to provide evidence of health coverage before starting work. BDAE is an experienced company that offers health insurance tailored specifically to expats  that are freelancers, self-employed construction workers, craftsmen and nursing staff; scientists, tutors and employees of foreign public authorities.

Stay ahead of the game

In the future, it may become a requirement for non-EU citizens to insure family members. In preparation for this, it would be wise for expats to start considering family insurance plans to stay one step ahead.

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