Alternative options

Temporary accommodation and furnished apartments

Alternative options

Besides your own apartment with a full contract, there are also some alternative housing options available that might be interesting for a start.

Temporary accommodation: If you intend to stay in Germany for a limited time, temporary accommodation is an interim solution before finding more permanent accommodation. In Germany, tenants are often allowed to sublet their apartment for a limited time. Since many young Germans travel a lot, this is actually quite common. Sublets can generally be found under the terms Untermiete or Zwischenmiete. This means that the flats or rooms are sublet with a contract signed with the tenant, not the landlord.

Furnished apartments: Staying at a hotel for a week or two is fine, but when you’re planning to stay for a longer period of time a furnished apartment is the best option to go with. For a short-term stay a furnished apartment is a great way of avoiding the hassle of arranging cable TV and internet contracts, and it will save you the expenses of buying furniture and home appliances.

You can start looking for a furnished apartment on Tempoflat.  Tempoflat is an online portal where you can find and offer furnished apartments free of charge.  

Mitwohnzentralen - a fast way to find accommodation

A good way to find temporary accommodation is to contact the local Mitwohnzentrale if there is one in your town. These agencies concentrate on finding furnished rooms in Wohngemeinschaftenand furnished apartments for limited periods of between one month and one year. They charge a fee for their services (approx. 15% of the monthly rent including heating and utility charges specified in the lease).

Mitwohnzentralen can be reached via the European Shared Accommodation Ring (Ring Europäischer Mitwohnzentralen e.V. - REM) using a nationwide number 19430 preceded by the relevant local dialling code (i.e. 030 19430 in Berlin or 0228 19430 in Bonn) or by going to the REM website at:  . Ask for an accommodation request form (Vermittlungsauftrag) to be sent to you. It is worth following up your request with all the agencies at regular intervals. Do not pay any charges in advance, agencies are only allowed to charge commission once a legally binding rental agreement has been signed.

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