German housing terms and abbreviations


If you don't speak fluent German, you will probably feel quite confused by the wide range of terms used in the German housing market. The following glossary gives you an overview of the most important terms and abbreviations.

3 Zi.-Whg = three-room apartment

3 ZKDB = three rooms plus kitchen, hallway, bath

Abstand = you have to buy some of the fixtures and furnishings

DG (Dachgeschoss) = loft apartment

EBK (Einbauküche) = built-in kitchen

EG (Erdgeschoss) = ground floor

HH (Hinterhaus) = back of the house (might have little light)

K (Kaution) = deposit

kalt = heating extra

NR (Nichtraucher) = non-smokers

KM (Kaltmiete) = (cold rent)

KN = kitchenette

Nachmieter = tenant who takes over an old lease

NMM (Nettomonatsmiete) = net monthly rent (plus costs for heating, electricity, gas, water, waste disposal)

MVZ (Monatliche Vorauszahlung) = rent in advance

Prov. (Provision) = commission

qm (Quadratmeter)= square metre (size of the apartment)

TG (Tiefgarage) = underground garage

VH (Vorderhaus) = front of the house

WG (Wohngemeinschaft) = shared flat

WBS erford. (Wohnberechtigungsschein) = subsidised housing only rented to holders of a special permit (WBS)

Wfl. (Wohnfläche) = living space

WM (Warmmiete) = warm rent (this is the cold rent plus additional cost)

Zi (Zimmer) = room(s)

ZH (Zentralheizung) = central heating

zzgl. NK = plus extra charges (heating, electricity, etc.)

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