Learning the language

How to learn the local language

Learning the language

Depending on where you are moving to in Ghana, you may be advised to learn the local language. This is in order to help integrate yourself into society and to be able to communicate with local inhabitants.

There are several different methods of learning the local languages that are widely available. Twi (pronounced “Chwee”) Ewe or Ga can be studied on the following website, and there are many self help books and online resources: www.omniglot.com/writing/akan.htm 

There are also several websites offering language exchanges with Ghanaian natives, for example:

In Ghana, the Bureau of Ghana Languages is part of the National Commission of Culture . It is in charge of promoting and learning of the eleven sponsored dialects. The Bureau offers the opportunity to receive lessons for yourself, or your company in all of these languages. If this isn’t possible, there are at least contact details of schools or academies that can provide teaching.

Diplomas and Certificates

It is possible to sit exams for internationally recognised certificates or diplomas such as TOEFL, or TOEIC in Ghana. It is also possible to learn other languages at the University of Ghana . It has a languages faculty that has offers several graduate programmes in languages such as French, Spanish or Arabic.

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