Financial aspects

Fees on property in Ghana

Financial aspects

Before you begin the process of buying property in Ghana make sure you are aware of all the costs involved to avoid a nasty surprise at the end. Always confirm, preferably in writing, who pays which fees.

The property buying process in Ghana is similar to most other countries. There are a number of fees and taxes to be paid by the buyer. Before you sign any paperwork ensure both sides are aware of who is paying what.

The buyer pays:

  • Legal fees - 3%-10% of the sale price
  • Stamp duty - 2% of the sale price
  • Agent’s commission - 5% of the sale price

Overall the buyer pays an additional 5%-12% of the sale price in fees and taxes on top of the purchasing price. The seller will pay around 5% extra in fees.

Legal fees, if you enlist the help of a lawyer, are set by the Ghana Bar Association. The following fees are a prescribed list for conveyance:

Property value

Maximum rate

US$11,500 – US$40,000


US$40,000 – US$85,000


US$85,000 – US$180,000


Over US$180,000


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