Looking for a house in Ghana

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Looking for a house in Ghana

If you are intent on buying property in Ghana then you must make sure you have fully researched the property history and the area you intend to buy in.

Ghana is divided up into 10 regions and subdivided into 170 districts. The majority of expats live in or near the major cities such as Accra, Tema and Kumasi. These cities provide many western comforts while still being “Ghanaian” in nature. 

The coastal belt (where Accra is found) benefits from a ocean breeze and is consequently slightly cooler than the hotter, drier north, where temperatures regularly exceed 35ºC. The central region the rains are heavier and last longer. 


Accra, Ghana’s capital, is the largest city and consequently attracts many expatriates due to the concentration of international companies here. Some of the better neighbourhoods in Accra include Cantonments, Airport Residential and East and West Legon.

Airport Residential area is named for its proximity to Kotoka International Airport in the northern zone of Accra. It is arguably one of the wealthiest districts of Accra. It attracts wealthy Ghanaians, government ministers and expats. East Legon is another neighbourhood in this area.

In east Accra you can find Cantonments, also the site of the American Embassy in Ghana.

Osu is known as the most lively district of Accra and is popular with tourists. Situated to the east of the central business district, it offers a mix of low-rise apartments and detached houses, some dating from the early 20th century. 


Kumasi is the main city in the south central region of Ashanti and Ghana’s second largest city with 1,517,000 inhabitants. It is about 250 km (160 miles) by road from Accra.

The land in Kumasi belongs to the Ashanti tribe, as such it is nearly impossible to buy land here. The best option could be for a long-term (50 year) lease on the property, rather than owning it outright.

Finding your property in Ghana

Properties can be found through word of mouth, advertisements (hotels, shops, embassies, etc), friends, colleagues, and people who are leaving the accommodation. The best method is usually through recommendation from embassies, companies, hotels or NGOs.

Adverts can often found in The Daily Graphic and The Ghanaian Times - two of the most widely available publications.

Property websites

There are several websites dedicated to property in Ghana. 

  • http://ghanapropertymall.com/  - This website covers the whole of Ghana and has a search feature which allows you to look for properties according to region, price property type and number of bedrooms.
  • http://ghanaproperty.org/africa/ghana/realestate/channel/for-sale  - This site lists properties according to region and also has a comprehensive directory of estate agents in Ghana.
  • www.ghanafind.com  - This is a classifieds style website which lists property and land for sale. You can search by property and land type, city and keyword. Prices are listed in dollars.

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