Non-university Education

Vocational and other studies

Non-university Education

In addition to universities, Hong Kong offers the opportunity to pursue specialized, vocational, and other forms of continuing education.

There are two major vocational schools in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education was formed through the merger of seven smaller vocational schools in 1999. It offers courses over a range of nine disciplines covering everything from business administration to applied sciences and tourism studies. It has nine major campuses in the Hong Kong area, and its many graduates either enter the workforce or move on to pursue further education.

The VTC (Vocational Training Council) technically consists of 12 smaller vocational schools linked under one name. They focus on providing a business and technology-centred education. These schools focus on practical curricula and hands-on learning, their primary goal being to furnish all levels of students with the skills they need to excel in the business world. The VTC has been active since 1982.

Other Educational Opportunities

There are numerous highly-specialized educational programmes available to foreigners in Hong Kong, most of which are trade or skill centred. Both the Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory and the Gemmology Institute of America (GIA) offer diplomas in gem and precious-metals related fields.

Aspiring hair and make-up artists can take courses at The Fredrique Academy for Holistic Health and Beauty Courses, which provides the opportunity to study numerous aspects of health, wellness, and associated businesses.

Finally, for non-accredited courses that still may appeal to foreign hobbyists, the Hong Kong YWCA offers a number of classes in subjects such as painting and photography. While not recognized as academic courses, the YWCA´s expatcentric offerings provide an opportunity to develop and maintain any number of practical and artistic skills.

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