Importing a car

Bring your vehicle to Hong Kong

Importing a car

Due to strict regulations regarding emissions and noise pollution, it is necessary to check that your vehicle will be approved by the Environmental Protection Department before importing it to Hong Kong.

All vehicles being brought into Hong Kong must be recorded by the Customs and Excise Department within 14 days. Within 30 days of importation, it is also necessary to submit a completed Import Return; failure to do so could lead to a fine of HK$500,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted.

Once you have submitted your Import Return you will be issued Notification of Motor Vehicle Provisional Taxable Value, which will need to be presented upon the first registration at the Transport Department.


Once you have imported your car, it is necessary to arrange an examination at the To Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Centre. You will be asked to provide a letter that confirms the vehicle’s compliance with the emissions regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Department.

Upon successful completion of an examination you will be issued with a Certificate of Roadworthiness which means you can proceed to register and licence your vehicle.


Imported vehicles are not subject to customs tax, however, a first registration fee will be applied. The amount you will be required to pay is calculated against the value of the vehicle.

For comprehensive information about how to correctly import and register your vehicle to Hong Kong, consult the guidance from the Hong Kong Transport Department .

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