Driving licence in Hong Kong

What do you need to drive legally?

Driving licence in Hong Kong


Foreigners with a valid driving license from approved countries can apply for a full Hong Kong driving licence without a test. If your driving license is not approved, you will have to take a driving test.

If you have a license which can be converted (see www.td.gov.hk ) you will also need to be a passport holder of the same nationality as the license. In addition, you will need to have been resident in the country of the license for at least six months after its issues and have held a license for at least five years. If you license is not in English, you will need to have it officially translated. If you cannot convert your existing license or do not have a license you will need to take a test.

Driving test

To take a driving test, an application form should be filled out and submitted to a licensing office. There are three parts to the driving test: a written exam, an exam on driving techniques and a practical road test. You can take a test in a manual or automatic car. If you pass the manual test you can also drive an automatic car, but not the other way round.

Motorcycle riding test

To get a motorcycle license, you need to pass two compulsory motorcycle training courses through the HK School of Motoring, a government-recognised school. The first is an oral course on understanding the skills of manoeuvring a motorcycle and the second is to learn techniques to ride in the city. In order to gain practical experience, you need a learner’s driving licence which costs HK$548, plus another HK$260 for renting a motorcycle for a road test. The first year licence is probationary. Wearing a helmet is compulsory for all motorcyclists.

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