• Hi all!
    My native language is hungarian. It is hard to learn that pro level. I only met a few foreigners who could speak it properly (I mean without accent..)

    Advantages: You can express yourself better in this language. I believe in this.
    Maybe it is because of the complexity or the ways you can express things, niceties. I can not comment on other languages, but there are other very difficult languages. It depends on where you came from...

    If you really master this language, you will develop a better way of thinking... at least a better way to express yourself.

    I can comment on English.
    Not easy at all... No doubt about that.
    I only met a few fellow hungarians who could master it happy
    I am among those people. I'm not putting a big face, I am nearly accent-free. Sometimes people say I've got a welsh accent, but that's all.. So I'm proud of myself.
    I live in the U.K. for 5 years now.

    All I can say. English as compared to Hungarian.... I prefer Hungarian.
    I base this jugdement on my experiences.
    Firstly, I thought Britons are stupid (I'm sure many of the hungarians got the same thought when moving to the U.K.), but with time I realized it's not true... It's all about our language, the fact that we express ourselves more complex..
    So, from this point of view I must say, an average English person speaks simple.
    Although that's what I think, I must say that English language can be as complex as hungarian, it's just not that commonly used with it's full potential in an everyday conversation...

    We (an average hungarian) speaks/expresses more complex than an average brit. No big deal.

    But if you talk to a solicitor and talk about legislation etc... you will have some hard times, I can guarantee that...

    English is a beautiful language and many of the hungarians struggle to master it.... it doesn't mean that you pop out to the shop or you order food on the phone....

    Anyway, good luck with Hungarian!
    It's worth to learn.

    By the way, Wikipedia has a few good comments on Hungarian.


    Rob 29 Mar 2009, 05:28 - Report
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How long does it take to learn Hungarian?

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