Finding an apartment

Where to look for accommodation

Finding an apartment

Finding good accommodation in Hungary is not difficult if you have a computer with an Internet connection. Make a combined Internet/newspaper/personal contact search and your success is guaranteed.

Internet search

Internet is the cheapest and sometimes the most effective search tool for a flat. There are many websites offering apartment rentals in Hungary. Check out our selection of rental websites:

  •  - A portal dedicated to Erasmus students with a special section Rooms for Rent. Also you can learn about cities, Universities, places to go out etc.
  •  - This website offers a vast amount of apartment rentals and sales in Hungary. The site is translated into Spanish, English, German, Russian, Chinese and Catalan and has useful information about Hungary.
  •  - Another website where you can choose between rentals, rooms or newly built homes.
  •  - This website offers student rent solutions in Budapest. They will also arrange transport from the airport to your new apartment and give you a start-up kit for your stay in Hungary.
  •  - Another website with a vast array of rental apartments in Budapest.
  •  - A portal made by ex-Erasmus students that helps new arrivals by facilitating their Budapest-life introduction and finding accommodation near their faculties.
  •  - A nice website that offers shared rooms and apartments. In the directory Budamarket you can sell or buy second-hand items, find job opportunities and other services.

Housing agencies

While scanning the classifieds, you will frequently find adverts by estate agencies. Although they are mainly active in selling property, sometimes you have to deal with them even while renting. The minimum fee is one month’s rent, sometimes even up to three months. The agency can speed up the process but their service is quite expensive! If you are not in a rush, take some time for private offerings and avoid paying an agency fee.

Personal contacts

Anyone who has family or friends in Hungary should ask them to look around the private property sale (without estate agency). If there is no one to help you, it is still well worth taking a trip for market research. Not only you will save on estate agency commissions but also on the cost of the property. Allegedly, many homes in Hungary have been on the market for a very long time and the vendors are no longer bound by contracts with real estate companies. That mans means they can reduce the purchase price significantly. Also there are many homes for sale that are not advertised or listed with agents. The prices of these private sales are usually more convenient than what you can find on the Internet.

University notice boards

As previously mentioned, the best option for students is very often a shared apartment. Your University in Hungary will have a notice board with students’ announcements. Also many University websites feature forums and bulletin boards where it’s easy to find a shared apartment. Another option is to visit the International office of your host University where foreign students looking for flatmates usually leave their adverts.

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