Getting started

How to prepare for your housing search

Getting started

You can find a nice apartment for a reasonable price in Hungary if you take your time and do some preparation before you start looking. This article will give you an overview of what to expect and how to plan your search.

Hungary, with its beautiful people, nature, culture and architecture is one of the top destinations for expats. If you are looking for a country with all these characteristics and that is also affordable to live in, you should definitely give Hungary a try.

Property is usually much more affordable here than in other parts of Europe, which makes Hungary and especially Budapest extremely attractive.

Apartment prices vary depending on the area in the respective city and from region to region. The Eastern part is cheaper than the capital. However, the majority of expats live in Budapest, which is divided into Buda and Pest by the river Danube. Pest is the business area and is popular for night life while Buda is the more residential area.

Budapest has 23 districts. Expat families usually live in quiet residential areas in the 12th and 2nd districts in Buda. Single expatriates and couples with no children often opt to rent apartments in Pest, where most expatriates work. Exclusive and very expensive accommodation is located in the 1st, 5th and 13th districts.

Cost of living

Moving abroad brings along many calculations. One of the most important factors when considering settling in a specific city is the cost of living. There are many costs that have to be taken in account - transport, food, household goods and entertainment. However, housing is often the biggest expense for expats.

Home rentals are much cheaper in Hungary than in other parts of Europe. Expatriates working for international companies live very comfortably in Hungary as their salaries are usually several times higher than those of local workers. Foreign students tend to have higher budgets than their Hungarian counterparts, which affords students from other countries a better quality of life. With the same budget, foreign student usually live an easier life in Hungary than they would in their home countries.

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