Driving Licence

Who needs a drivers licence for India?

Driving Licence

If you want to drive any kind of motor vehicle in India you need to have either an Indian or an International driving license. The minimum age for driving in India is 16 for motorcycles of 50cc or less and 18 for all other vehicles.

Before you start to worry about your drivers licence in India, decide if you are really up to driving there. Many expatriates prefer to hire a driver. This is quite cheap and keeps you out of the driving nightmare.

International Driving Licence

International drivers´ licenses are issued by the Regional Transport Office RTO and are only valid for one year. You have to show a proof of address, a birth certificate, a valid passport, valid visa and your driving license from home.

Indian Driving Licence

If you stay in India for more than one year you should get an Indian driving licence. You can also apply for that at your local RTO. Usually, your driving school will handle all the paperwork for you for a small fee. For the application, the filed form, a copy of your residence permit, proof of your address (utility bill is sufficient) and four passport-sized photographs are required.

After successfully finishing driving classes you will be issued a learner's licence. With that you are only allowed to drive a motor vehicle with a pillion rider in possession of a driving license valid in India. The permanent driving licence is issued three months after the learner licence and it is valid until your residence permit expires.

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