Indian Citizenship

Who can apply for India citizenship?

Indian Citizenship

Indian citizenship can be acquired either by registration or naturalization. The exact process for becoming an Indian citizen depends on your nationality and whether you have Indian origin or not.

Citizenship by Registration

There are several groups that can apply for Indian citizenship by registration, including the following:

  • Persons of Indian origin who have been residents of India for seven years. The applicant or one of his parents must have been born in India
  • persons of Indian origin who are ordinarily residents of any country or place outside India
  • persons who are or have been married to a citizen of India and who have been residents of India for seven years
  • minor children whose parents are Indian citizens
  • citizens of Singapore and Canada who have been residents of India for five years and eight years, respectively

Citizenship by Naturalization

You can acquire Indian citizenship by naturalization if you have been a resident of India for twelve of the last fourteen years. In addition, you must have spent the twelve months preceding your application in India, without interruption.

Applications for Indian citizenship

The application procedure for Indian citizenship is the same as for registration and naturalization.
Submit your application to the District Magistrate in the area of your residence. Document requirements will differ depending on your nationality.

Each application is examined by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in terms of the Citizen Act´s eligibility requirements. You should not renounce your foreign citizenship until the citizenship application is accepted and you are informed of the decision. When your Indian citizenship is accepted you will then have to renounce your existing citizenship and show proof to the MHA.

For further information on Indian citizenship and relevant application forms, check the respective page of the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs at .

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