How to get an internet connection in Indonesia


Internet usage in Indonesia is said to have reached 45 million people as of 2011, and is popular not only through computers, but increasingly through the use of smartphones.

Internet at home

The internet companies available to you may depend on the area you live in, so check to see which providers cover your address. As with mobile tariffs, compare speeds and prices, both on the providers’ websites and perhaps through good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Prices will vary on your type of internet connection, the speed, and the area you will be living in. However, as a rough guide to prices, 645.000Rp a month (around 50 euros) can get you a speed of up to 1Mbps on an ADSL broadband connection.

Do bear in mind that, as is often the case in most countries, with internet speeds, ‘up to’ means ‘up to’; the speeds on offer may not always be reached, or match up to what you’re used to at home. There is usually an installation/registration fee, although sometimes promotional offers will waive this during a certain period.

Providers include, but aren’t limited to, CBN, Telkom, 3g-net, D-net and Indosat, some of which offer a range of packages suited to your internet needs e.g. home or business. As with phone lines, you will likely need to provide copies of your passport/identification, and recent credit card statements). More information can be found in-store, on their websites, or in some cases on their hotline.

Internet on mobile phones

The increasing popularity of smartphones is noticeable in Indonesia, with an estimated 48%  of the country’s users accessing the internet through a mobile phone. Given Indonesia’s island formation this may not come as a surprise.

Many of the mobile phone providers, such as Axis and Telkom, offer deals and packages through which you can access the internet on your phone. Some also offer internet on the go, through USB sticks that can be used with laptop computers. As with any competitive market, deals and promotions are often changing. Packages for mobile phone internet access are available on both prepaid and postpaid tariffs; when deciding, consider whether you want, and are able, to use your existing handset and bear this in mind when researching offers.

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