Employment insurance

Unemployment benefits and compensation

Employment insurance

Japan´s social security system ensures that employees laid off or injured at work have access to funds for support.

Employment insurance in Japan is fairly straightforward. If you, the worker, become unemployed, you will receive support payments until you find a new job, or for six months, whichever comes first.

In order to receive these payments, however, you must first register with the nearest Public Employment Security Office. Bring your separation notice (rishoku-hyo), your insurance card, your alien registration card, and a recent photograph with you. The insurance card will have been given to you by your employer when you started work. The separation notice, on the other hand, will have been provided when you were released.

Once your unemployment is registered you will be eligible to receive your benefits after a waiting period of 7 days. This waiting period may be extended up to 3 months if you are unemployed as a result of a serious offence on your part or you have resigned form your position without what the Employment Security Office determines to be sufficient reason.

When you find a new job, you will have to return to the Employment Security Office and register your employment, at which point you will stop receiving your benefits.

Workers´ Accident Compensation Insurance

Every business with more than one worker is covered by accident insurance. The accident insurance premiums are paid by the employer, and the payment is equal to a specified percentage of the worker´s salary. These percentages range from 0.3% to 10.3%. The figure is calculated relative to the danger of the worker´s occupation – a corporate accountant will be closer to 0.3%, for instance, while an industrial welder might be closer to 10%.

If you are injured at work you will be paid benefits for any treatment required as a result of your injuries. After four days of missed work you will receive additional benefits for your inability to work. The exact amount of the benefits depends on the severity of your injury.

When a worker is killed due to an accident at work, benefits are paid to his survivors.

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