Social security

The Japanese social security system

Social security

For many years, less than 1% of Japanese people depended solely on assistance from social security for their livelihood. Still, foreign and Japanese workers are all required to pay into the social security system while employed.

The Japanese social security system is designed to ensure Japan´s population is provided with basic services and care. It provides:

  • Health and nursing insurance
  • Employment insurance
  • Employees´ pension insurance
  • Workers´accident compensation insurance

Employers as well as employees are required to pay into the system. Employers match employees´ payments and the government funds the rest of the system´s costs. Employees pay about 12% of their annual salary into the system.

Foreigners who are registered and pay into the social security system have access to the same care and support as their Japanese co-workers. Illegal workers, who are neither registered with the government nor pay into the system, are not eligible for social security benefits.

For a more detailed breakdown of Japanese social security, visit the Japan External Trade Organization  (JETRO).

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