Permanent residence in Kazakhstan

Who can apply and how

Permanent residence in Kazakhstan

Foreigners wishing to apply for permanent residence can do so only if they are married to a Kazakh citizen or are already residing in Kazakhstan on another long-stay visa.

If you are married to a citizen of Kazakhstan, your permanent residence card will be valid until your current passport expires, at which point you must renew your status. Outlined below is documentation required and process for obtaining permanent residence.


  • An exit permit from your country of origin
  • Proof of financial solvency for the length of stay in Kazakhstan
  • Medical certificate proving you are of good health
  • Criminal record from country of origin
  • Duty filled application form
  • Consent from the inviting party (a Kazakh citizen) indicating permission to stay in their home
  • Proof of permanent residence for the inviting party

It is very possible that you will be asked to provide further documentation, however the above is enough in most cases.


The above documentation must be submitted to your nearest Kazakh embassy or consulate, who will then arrange an interview with you. Your documents, along with any comments made by the consulate, will then be sent to the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A decision will be made based on this and you will be contacted when ready.

If your application is successful, you will need to apply for a J2 visa, granting you access to Kazakhstan. You will then have 90 days from arrival to get your permanent residency card.

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