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    a compilation of what other's are saying
    - (bad things about kuwait)

    -kuwait needs more museums, libraries, book stores, cultural centers. i don't mean to be rude, but they've fallen from the camel's hump a few decades ago, right in the jaguar or benz and since their only interest is to get a bottle of booze and go shopping, they don't really have time to develop their culture.their independence day consists of spraying cars with shaving cream and... that's about it.

    - im a kuwaiti living in this cursed country.there are no decenty bookstores or muesems ,only malls,malls and more endless malls. there is no culture here sadly.i wonder who is to blame?parlament?sabah family?the people?

    -(kuwaiti's)-they look down on everyone.they're conceded assholes who wouldn't dare to say excuse me to any foreigner not even one whose country saved their ass only 15 years ago.

    -bad behavior, hypocrisy, big cars on credit, kuwaiti bitches, little money that you don't earn yourself, heat, dust, boring malls, poor foreigners (your slaves at home) who have to clean your asses after you went to wc, no respect, corruption,.....

    - you can trust a snake but not a kuwaiti...

    - im a kuwaiti. we have no culture, no freedom, no nature, no nothing! it's all big fancy cars and malls - the people here are the worst people ever! all they care about is money and their stupid hair looks, plus the way they treat non-kuwaiti people like they are subhumans.

    -kuwaitis only feel special in their own country, but once they cross the kuwaiti border, they're as useless as a vegetable...

    - we hate kuwait, the climate, the polution, the lack of amenities, the poor lawmakers and law enforcers, the corruption in everyday life. most well travelled educated kuwaitis feel the same. the standards are so poor because the powers that be are always seeking the cheapest pricing. the building regulations are sub-standard and not monitored. the driving is farcical and dangerous. the oil companies polute more of the atmosphere than all of europe because there is no one to enforce the laws that are in place. the reason is that kuwait is a tribal society, they protect each other and the government keeps it that way by treating them like chidren and supplying everthing they need. critisism is not tolerated even newspapers are shut down if they don't conform. radio and tv are govt propoganda machines. indeed ktv is housed in the miistry of information building need i say more?

    - i'm a bedoon living in kuwait my whole life, my mom is kuwaiti and my father is bedoon.. when was a child i never knew am bedoon, no one told me! once in the school my classmates made fun of me (kuwaities) bcoz am bedoon and not original or something!! i was shocked and i thought its just and mistake, i came to mom crying and pissed off telling her school made a mistake, she tried to cover it for 2 years, then she told me the truth after 2 years .. my father worked soo hard to show us they we are still as same as our kuwaities cousins (my mom family) anyway! after i have finished my high school (mubarak el sabah high school) i started to seen the ugly side of being bedoon! university of kuwait didnt allow me to complete studying claims that am bedoon and i should even if my moms is kuwaiti! bedoon father should be divorced or dead soo! no education! then i stay for 2 years with no job! since am bedoon with no education! who gonna hire me? somehow i managed to get a job later (wasta vitamin) i have never seen a other country before bcoz i have no f***en passport! whatelse, yeah.. i have to pay for hospital every time. and guess what! i have no lisence to drive a car!

    a compilation of what other's are saying
    - (good things about kuwait)

    -you wouldn't know culture if it hit you in the face. did you visit any museums? go to any weddings, drink tea in a tent with a kuwaiti family, visit any mosques.

    - i've been fortunate enough to live in many different countries and experienced many differnt cultures, but i'm still happy to call kuwait my home. no country is perfect. australians are quite racists. if you're an arab, theyll either think you're a terrorist or that you plan to take over their country, asians are treated like shit and they believe that they plan to take over their countrie as well.

    - let me tell you something, not all kuwaitis are rich, care the most for the money, selfish, shallow!!! i know alot of real kuwaitis who are sophesticated, clever, and care the most about other peoples feelings and thoughts!

    - i'm kuwaiti and i know my country more than you do! cases of women harassment is all over the world, so how dare you say that about kuwait!! how dare you make up these stories about women being harassed in their offices? if we really had those harassment issues in offices, you really think we'd let our mum's or sisters or daughters to be working?

    - if you realy have manners, you wouldnt sit there in ur f***ing chair typing on your old computer bad things about this "golden" country. not all kuwiatee people are rich, and all the rich people are donating money for you poop countries. in the past several years the kuwait government had donated more money than the money consirved to build stuff like dubai.

    - and for those complaining about kuwaitis not being good to the poor, when did you stop what you were doing to help one of the homeless in your great country. america has more homeless people than kuwait does. i dont think i have seen a homeless person in kuwait. have you ever personally taken one of them to your home and helped them settle themselves some place? i didn't think so. and i don't understand why you'd expect it from someone else.
    we've had maids in my family, and i must say we've never treated them badly. they spent years with us and were treated like family.

    - guys, it is true that there is alot of things going on in kuwait not right,but when you come to work and live here, in this country you can not f*** it from behind ,because the money you are earning is from them, besides that not all kuwaitis are alike

    - americans in kuwait they r like gods.. dont wait man.. just come to kuwait.

    - i can comfortably say that kuwait today is much more different than say 5 years ago...people are more open-minded, helpful, and understanding.
    it's very safe country compared to many other developed countries encluding the us and all europs.
    in short, respect yourself and the society that you live in, and you'll be respected. you can't come to a muslim country like kuwait and complain about not having alcohool, night clubs, or bars. be logic.

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