Looking for work

How to find a job in Malaysia

Looking for work

Although English is widely spoken in Malaysia, you might want to consider learning the local language. This might help you to increase your chances to find a job (pekerjaan) and also to socialise with the locals, which again might help you expanding your professional network.

If you decide to look for a job after arriving in Malaysia (which you should not do!), social networking is the first step to take. Start with social activities like joining a sports club where you can meet new people in an easy-going atmosphere. It goes unsaid that the better your Malay skills are, the easier it is to make new contacts. Later you should contact companies which are directly in your field of interest.

Where to look for a job

It is very common to search for jobs on the internet and there are plenty of such sites available for the Malaysian job market. The Malaysia Jobs Directory  offers an overview of the most common Malaysian job hunting websites. This is especially useful and convenient if you start your job hunting already in your home country. In this way you can already get an overview of the job market and see what branch offers the best options. What is more, you can upload your CV on most of the pages and make companies search for you instead.

If you are already in Malaysia, have a look into the classifieds of the main regional or national newspapers. Two of those, which are available in English and also online, are the New Straits Times  and The Star .

Another, yet very efficient method, is to send out speculative applications. This shows the employer that you are really interested to work in their company and have not just randomly stumbled across their advertisement. Furthermore, a speculative application displays self-confidence and the conviction of being the right person for the company.

Teaching English

A very common and also promising job for native English speakers, is to teach English – either in a school or through private lessons. There is an increased demand in this field, as many schools are introducing subjects which are taught in English. You should definitely be able to find something in this sector, however, be aware that it is not a very easy job to do. If you want to find a job before coming to Malaysia check the TEFL  site for further information.

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