Points of interest, historical sites and sports

Spending your free time or vacation in Malta

Points of interest, historical sites and sports

Malta has a lot of options when deciding on how to spend your free time. There are historical and natural sites to visit, and lots of sporting activities.

Gozo and Comino

There are the three main islands which make up the country of Malta. The island Malta is the main island, the smaller islands Gozo and Comino are often referred to as the sister islands. As most tourists stay on the main island, Gozo and Comino are popular destinations for day trips.

Gozo is especially attractive if you are looking for a tranquil, green spot to take a walk and relax. The peace and serenity of the island is a popular draw for locals and tourists alike when seeking the quiet life. Other interesting features of the landscape are the steep cliffs and the shrubby garrigue, a beautiful and scented countryside with lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme and other small bushes that is very typical of the Mediterranean region.

Comino, the practically uninhabited island located between Malta and Gozo, is best known for its Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is situated between Comino and the islet Cominotto to the west of the island. It is popular for its clear, aquamarine water and the white sand beach. Another point of interest is the St Mary’s tower. Its construction dates back to 1618 and it is the most notable structure on Comino.

Historical sites

Malta offers numerous archeological and historical sites, attractions, and museums where you can discover 7,000 years of history. You can visit megalithic monuments, Roman villas or the Hypogeum - a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum  is a monument and, as an underground cavity, a superb example of “negative architecture”. Over 500 square metres you can find halls, chambers, and passages on three levels. You can take one of eight daily tours, from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm. However, to preserve the microclimate in this prehistoric site, only a limited number of visitors are admitted. It is located south of Valletta, a 30-minute bus ride from the capital.

If you are looking for museums, the National Museum of Archeology, where you can find excavation artifacts found in the Hypogeum, is recommended, as is the National Museum of Fine Arts. Both are located in the capital Valletta.


In Malta you can do a variety of land and water sports. Among the most popular activities on land are climbing, playing golf or discovering the islands by bike. Of course you can also go for a walk around the islands, exploring the natural beauty of Malta, Gozo, and Comino, for example.

If you prefer to spend your free time in the water, or under it, you can choose from swimming, sailing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

If you opt for the latter, there are many courses for different stages of proficiency. Divers can explore the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, with depths from 12m (Għar Lapsi) to 50m (Lantern Point). The three main islands offer a great variety of diving spots, and you will find natural harbours, reefs, caves, sheltered creeks, wrecks and a huge variety of marine life that will make your diving experience even more unique. You can either do a shore dive  or a boat dive , depending on your diving skills and on how deep you want to dive.

If you want to discover the more shallow spots of the Mediterranean Sea around Malta, visitors can try snorkeling at various places around the three islands. Paradise bay, for instance, is a good tip for Comino. Other great snorkeling spots are the coral garden in the west of Gozo and Tuna Park north of Malta island.

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