Finding a job

How to find a job in Mexico

Finding a job

Finding a job in Mexico often rather depends on who you know rather than what you know. Networking is a crucial part of the Mexican work environment – and it starts with your job search.

Of course you can try all the traditional job hunting routes that you would use in other countries. Look through Internet employment sites and check the classifieds in Mexico’s big newspapers for job positions. You can also send an unsolicited application to any company that you would like to work for, although the chances of gaining a response are probably rather slim.

However your best route to finding a job in Mexico will be through personal contacts. If you have yet to establish a network of contacts in Mexico you can start by registering with your respective embassy, chamber of commerce or a local social club. Attend as many events as you can, get to know other people and let them know what you are looking for. Sooner or later you will hear of opportunities or connections that could help you with your job search.

Recruitment agencies in Mexico

Just like everywhere else in the world many companies in Mexico are "contracting out" the process of hiring people to recruitment agencies. The recruitment sector in Mexico has grown considerably during recent years, with professional recruiters moving beyond the executive level and filling many mid-level positions as well.

Registering with a recruitment agency can be a good option to find a job in Mexico as you don’t need to live in Mexico in order to search for job opportunities. Many recruitment agencies publish jobs on their website, whereas others ask you to register your CV with them and will contact you if they have a position that matches your qualifications.

When registering with a recruitment agency in Mexico you should have a work permit or at least be able to prove that you can get one. Without this the agency will only consider you for positions in a company that would be willing to sponsor your work permit. Even in that case most companies will prefer a candidate with a work permit if he or she has similar qualifications to you.

Recruitment agencies in Mexico charge employers for the job search and usually earn a percentage of the annual salary fees of the accepted candidate. If a recruitment agency asks you for an upfront fee for their job search you should be suspicious.

Contract work in Mexico

Tight labour regulations make it hard to “hire and fire” employees in Mexico. For this reason it is becoming more and more common for Mexican companies to contract people as independent contractors or through job agencies. If the company uses an agency to supply workers you will actually be hired by the agency which will pay you an agreed rate and then “re-sell” you at a higher rate to the company that you will be working for. In many cases companies use this form of recruitment for testing out potential new employees. If you perform well the company you are working for will often offer you a direct fixed contract once they are convinced of your abilities.

Executive jobs and head-hunters

If you are looking for an executive position your best option is probably to search through a head-hunter. There are some excellent international headhunting services and companies operating throughout Mexico. Head-hunters normally search for candidates for the highest positions in the job market, most of them executive, managerial and senior technical jobs. Note that many head-hunters in Mexico require a fee for their search and often insist on exclusivity for a certain period of time so that they do not end up wasting their time.

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